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Does your home reflect “you”?

How to have your home reflect you!

When we are engaged to assist clients in purchasing or furnishing their home, the first question we ask is “does this style reflect your true personality, your style, and your requirements?”

It is amazing how often their existing home or a new one has a style that they don’t really like or associate with.  They thought that by putting their “stamp” on it – a natural connection would happen.   But this usually ends up not being the case, and they can’t understand why.

Listen to Your Comfort Meter

When I have the opportunity to assist clients in finding their ideal home and furnish it, success happens when people don’t follow trends but choose what they are comfortable with.

This is no different to the way we dress or the food we eat.  They are representations of who we are.

Yet all too often I have discovered that tuning into feelings of comfort just doesn’t happen when purchasing our largest investment.   Why purchase a home that doesn’t  feel right, that doesn’t reflect your individual style?

What Makes People Choose a Particular Property as their home?

In vogue with current trends – re-sale potential is a key decider.   As is location, condition, and price.

Yet just deciding on these alone can be an expensive mistake.

When you visit a display home or dream about that well-styled home you saw in a magazine – really think about if this home is really for you.  Will you instantly feel comfortable every time you enter it?  Or will it be a show home that you don’t really like, deep down?

Discover Your True Style

A very important part of our process involves spending time with our clients.  By peeling back the layers and helping our clients to discover their true style and comfort levels.  This process is valuable before any planning and design work takes place.

Home or house

A home tends to reflect you where a house is bricks and mortar, you can have a home and still make it a great investment.


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