Our Interior Design Process

Imagine this – you sign off on the specs and quote and next morning – the design crew arrive on your doorstep ready to start transforming your home. Remember, process is the key to success. On the Gold Coast, interior design is so important to your quality of life.

Okay, let’s turn off the TV makeover show and review the real phases of an interior design project, so you know how it really works and exactly what to expect.*

Getting an overview of the process and understanding all the steps from concept to delivery makes a difference.

Phase I – Discovery

The Discovery Phase is when we get to know you, your vision, what you like and what you definitely don’t want. We’ll also inventory your existing furnishings, take photos and discuss your project budget and timeline.

If needed, we will meet with your architect, builder and any other consultants involved to ensure we are all working to the same vision and timeline.

Phase II – Creative

The Creative Phase is our favourite – the time when we have great fun developing space plans, furniture plans and colour palettes. This is when we select finishes such as paint, wall coverings, flooring, ceiling and window treatments, mouldings, cabinetry and countertops. This is also the phase when any custom-designed pieces or treatments are sketched for your review.

We meet to review the plans and finish selections, and make any last minute alterations. After finalising the plans and schedules, we see you for final approval before we proceed with ordering everything we need.

Phase III – Documentation

The Construction Documentation phase is all about the nitty gritty details. We prepare detailed drawings and schedules so the builder, project manager, architect and various trades know exactly what our design intent is and have accurate drawings to work from to help them with pricing up the work.

We can also assist you in reviewing quotes you receive from each to ensure accuracy and fair pricing. When it’s all agreed to, we create purchase orders for all of the equipment, interior finishes, and furnishings so items are received and ready to install before construction begins.

Phase IV – Build

This is the real time of excitement! We get to see our ideas come to life and that smile on your face.  We visit the job site frequently to oversee the sub-contractors and ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned. We meet with you regularly to report on progress and address any concerns.

When it’s all built, we coordinate the delivery and installation of the furniture and furnishings and complete the styling.

Phase V – Handover

Before we conclude our time together, we do a final walk-through with you and prepare a list of any remaining small items needing attention.  We also discuss the care and maintenance of all your new finishes, furnishings and equipment so you can enjoy them for many years.

Then it’s time to handover your new space for you to enjoy. A space you are proud to show off to friends and family and enjoy for many years to come.

*Please note this is a complete process, and not all elements will be necessary, depending on your scope of work.

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