Furniture Packages

Furniture and furnishings:

Residential: We would source furniture, furnishings and window coverings to be included in the final stage of handover for clients to enjoy. This may involve also including items provided by clients of personal nature.
Mulit residential/hotels and apartments:  This process is a little different as the property is normally used for holiday rental and consideration is needed to ensure items selected are of good quality, easy to care for and replace. We also provide display unit furniture under this category to be used for marketing of the property. Some of the units are purchased for owner occupier and in this case we follow a very similar process to residential fit out. Example of this I am working for a client who purchased 3 units at the new Ocean/by Meraton GC building. One they will live in, the other will be used by other family members to holiday at and the last one will be in a holiday letting pool. So all three will require different fitout.
Commercial: For obvious reasons this sector is quite different. A lot of the items are custom made to ensure regulatory requirements are met and very different to residential. eg: Daycare furniture and furnishings for obvious reasons are very different to a bar or coffee shop