Residential work can involve new projects where we assist the developer or client from the early stages of design, DA/BA approvals sourcing all the consultants for this process on behalf of the client or working in a mix of what they provide and then add what has not been provided by client. Interior/Exterior selections provided in this scope for lodgment and construction. It’s normally a long relationship but results are much better due to the consistency of establishing who is responsible for what scope from the beginning. This level of service is mostly for multi residential developments such as townhouses, duplexes and large homes. Example of this would be: Multi res:  Ikkina st Burleigh Waters project and 78 Pholman st Southport. Private residences: Ascot homes, Tambourine mansion

Commercial projects are mostly hotel foyers/outdoor common areas, hotel bars, office spaces, retail, bars, cafe’s day care centres. The process is similar to above but very different in nature due to complexity in regulations and government agencies which are quite often involved. Interior/exterior selections are provided under this scope with specifications.